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Jon Henriksson - Harmonia

Jon Henriksson is one of the most sought after double bass players on the Swedish jazz scene. This spring he came out as a bandleader and composer with his debut album Harmonia. The album consists of music composed by Henriksson and the titel Harmonia is an imaginary place in which the compositions exists. We hope you will have a nice stay!

Jon Henriksson - Double bass

Håkan Broström - Alto saxophone

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet

Hampus Adami - Trombone

Rasmus Sørensen - Piano

Jonas Bäckman - Drums

Recorded by Filip Ekestubbe in Ekestubbe studios in Stockholm, June 8-9 2022

Mix and master by Gabriel Lundh

Cover art and graphic layout by Elliot Seikkinen Lydéen

Released on April 14 2023