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TengTones presents at Stockholm Jazz Festival

On October 15, as a part of Stockholm Jazz Festival, we have gathered three bands on the label for one night which will be a night crammed with top class jazz music! The venue i a classic one, Stallet, at Musikaliska kvarteret, and the concert will start at 18:00. The bands presented are the following and you can read more about them on the "Artists" page.

Jonny Ek Trio with Erik Söderlind

Mainland Jazz Collective

Elaria Orchestra

Klas Lindquist Nonet - Alternative Source of Energy

Klas Lindquist is without doubt one of the most prominent and sought after saxophone players on the Scandinavian jazz scene. He is also an exceptional composer and arranger, which can be heard especially with his 9 piece band Klas Lindquist Nonet. The band has two previous releases and are now coming out with a third one - Alternative Source of Energy! All music is composed by Lindquist and is written particularly for the members of the band, whom are all part of the Swedish jazz elite. 

Klas Lindquist - Alto saxophone, clarinet, composition

Robert Nordmark - Tenor saxophone

Fredrik Lindborg - Baritone saxophone

Karl Olandersson - Trumpet, flugelhorn

Nils Janson - Trumpet, flugelhorn

Magnus Wiklund - Trombone

Petter Carlson Welden - Piano, french horn

Kenji Rabson - Double bass

Daniel Fredriksson - Drums





Erik Söderlind Meets Jonny Ek

In 2021, Jonny Ek Trio released their first album, Live at the Valley, which was praised by the jazz press. Shortly after, the trio started to play with guitar star Erik Söderlind, and they found each other from the first session. The cooperation grew more and more intense and finally resulted in the next album: Erik Söderlind Meets Jonny Ek. Unlike the first album, which was focused on jazz classics and other peoples music, on this record, we get to meet piano player Jonny Ek as a composer, and Erik Söderlind as well. The music breathes a beautiful melodic language, blues and groove and of course the unique sound of the trio, perfectly matched with Söderlinds melodic guitar playing.

Erik Söderlind - Guitar

Jonny Ek - Piano

Tomas Sjödell - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums