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Emma Josefsson - De Va De

Emma Josefsson's debut album De Va De ("That Was That" in Swedish) consists of original tunes by Josefsson throughout. The music carries a wide spectrum of atmospheres and the album is a thrilling journey through different emotional places. The Swedish titles of the songs are just as exciting as the music itself: "Skurken" - "The Villain", "Flyr" - "Escapes", "Tuggmotstånd" - "Chewiness", "Åtanke" - "Remembrance", "Sömnlös, rastlös, chanslös" - "Sleepless, restless, without a chance", "Snabba tanten" - "Quick auntie" and the title track "De va de" - "That Was That".

Emma Josefsson - Tenor and baritone saxohpone

Alf Carlsson - Guitar

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Hannes Sigfridsson - Drums

Recorded at Kultivator studios by Jonas Olofsson

Mix and master by Jonas Olofsson

Art work by Klara Lindqvist

Released on December 6 2023

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Stockholm Hot Seven - Yeet's Blues

Stockholm Hot Seven has over the last few years become one of the most popular jazz ensembles in the capital. They have worked almost like a house band at some of the main jazz clubs in town, such as Stampen and Glenn Miller Café. Musicwise, the band has been focusing a lot on the music of Duke Ellington but has over time developed more of a repertoar of their own with some original compositions and arrangements on other music, which we hear a lot of on the band's first album, Yeet's Blues. The title refers to Ellington's famous tune Jeep's Blues, and the expression of being "yeeted".

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet

Axel Mårdsjö - Alto & baritone saxophone

Linus Lindblom - Clarinet & tenor saxophone

Hampus Adami - Trombone & valve trombone

Pål Nyberg - Guitar

Jon Henriksson - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums

Recorded at Atlantis studios, November 22, 2022 by Niclas Lindström

Mixed by Niclas Lindström, Axel Mårdsjö and Linus LIndblom

Mastered by Mats Äleklint

Cover art by Sanna Haverinen

Released on November 17, 2023





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Jonny Ek Trio & Erik Söderlind - Erik Söderlind Meets Jonny Ek

In 2021, Jonny Ek Trio released their first album, Live at the Valley, which was praised by the jazz press. Shortly after, the trio started to play with guitar star Erik Söderlind, and they found each other from the first session. The cooperation grew more and more intense and finally resulted in the next album: Erik Söderlind Meets Jonny Ek. Unlike the first album, which was focused on jazz classics and other peoples music, on this record, we get to meet piano player Jonny Ek as a composer, and Erik Söderlind as well. The music breathes a beautiful melodic language, blues and groove and of course the unique sound of the trio, perfectly matched with Söderlinds melodic guitar playing.

Erik Söderlind - Guitar

Jonny Ek - Piano

Tomas Sjödell - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums

Released on October 27 2023





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Klas Lindquist Nonet - Alternative Source of Energy

Klas Lindquist is without doubt one of the most prominent and sought after saxophone players on the Scandinavian jazz scene. He is also an exceptional composer and arranger, which can be heard especially with his 9 piece band Klas Lindquist Nonet. The band has two previous releases and this one is number three - Alternative Source of Energy. The title refers to the power that this nine piece band generates when being put together, as well as the urgent issue of finding sustainable sources of energy due to climate change. All music is composed by Lindquist and is written particularly for the members of the band, whom are all part of the Swedish jazz elite. 

Klas Lindquist - Alto saxophone, clarinet, composition

Robert Nordmark - Tenor saxophone

Fredrik Lindborg - Baritone saxophone

Karl Olandersson - Trumpet, flugelhorn

Nils Janson - Trumpet, flugelhorn

Magnus Wiklund - Trombone

Petter Carlson Welden - Piano, french horn

Kenji Rabson - Double bass

Daniel Fredriksson - Drums

Lina Lövstrand - Flutes (track 8)

Filip Ekestubbe - Piano (track 2 & 4)

Leo Lindberg - Organ (track 4 & 8)

Calle Rasmusson - Percussion (track 8)

Recorded at Riksmixningsverket, January 9-10 2023

Mixed by Pål Svenre

Produced by Klas Lindquist and Calle Rasmusson

Released on October 16 2023





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Jon Henriksson - Harmonia

Jon Henriksson is one of the most sought after double bass players on the Swedish jazz scene. This spring he came out as a bandleader and composer with his debut album Harmonia. The album consists of music composed by Henriksson and the titel Harmonia is an imaginary place in which the compositions exists. We hope you will have a nice stay!

Jon Henriksson - Double bass

Håkan Broström - Alto saxophone

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet

Hampus Adami - Trombone

Rasmus Sørensen - Piano

Jonas Bäckman - Drums

Recorded by Filip Ekestubbe in Ekestubbe studios in Stockholm, June 8-9 2022

Mix and master by Gabriel Lundh

Cover art and graphic layout by Elliot Seikkinen Lydéen

Released on April 14 2023

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Tengholm Ullberg Big Band - Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown

Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown is Tengholm Ullberg Big Band's long awaited debut album. The album includes original music and arrangements by band leaders Erik Tengholm and Lars Ullberg, written druing the last five years. Both Tengholm and Ullberg are sought after composers and arrangers and gets orders from different artists, big bands and other ensembles. The album will soon be released on vinyl too!

Recorded at Atlantis studios by Niklas Lindström, Stockholm 1-2 November 2020

Produced by Erik Tengholm and Lars Ullberg

Mix by Göran Stegborn and Pål Svenre

Art work by Sandra Arvman

Sebastian Mattebo, Leonard Werme, Björn Bäckström, Samuel Muntlin, Emma Josefsson - Reeds

Isac Åberg, Max Stark, Linnea Jonsson, Emma Granstam, Erik Tengholm - Trumpets and flugelhorns

Lars Ullberg, Agnes Darelid, Hannes Junestav, Simon Skogh - Trombones

Mattias Olofsson - Guitar

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir - Piano

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre - Drums

Jesper Söderqvist - Vibraphone

Special guests: Lovisa Jennervall, vocals and Hampus Adami, trombone





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Bengt Stark Trio/Kvartett feat. Johan Hörlén - Live at Glenn Miller Café

Bengt Stark has been kind of a drummers guru in Stockholm the last 30 years and has been working all over the jazz scene. On this album, we get to hear him with his own band at his home venue, together with some of the very best musicians in Europe.  This is a cooking live recording from two gigs at jazz club Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm, one without piano and the other with Stefan Gustafson by the keys. The music is a wide mix of tunes, some old ones and some originals by the band members. You can really tell the musicians has played a lot together - despite the variety of songs, they have such a uniform sound and really find one another in the music.

Johan Hörlén - Alto saxophone

Bengt Stark - Drums

Filip Augustsson - Double bass

Stefan Gustafsson - Piano

Recorded by Peter Danemo at Glenn Miller Café

Mix by Peter Danemo

Master by Mats Äleklint

Design by Bengt Stark and Johan Tengholm

Cover photo by Kenth Wångklev

Inside photo by Gerhard Richter





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Ulf Adåker - Le Jazz Cool

Legendary trumpet player and composer Ulf Adåker has the past seven years been focusing on his quintet, which he calls Le Jazz Cool. This is also the name of the second, and latest, album with the group. This album really shows Adåker's mastery of the jazz language from 50's, as the songs consists of almost exclusively standard tunes, and one composition by Adåker. Prominent piano player Daniel Tilling is also a major voice on this album, since half of the tunes is played on dou with him and Adåker.

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Blomquist at Crunch Music Studio, Solna

Mastered by Claes Persson, CRP Mastering

Cover photo by Erik Sjöström

Produced and designed by Ulf Adåker and Johan Tengholm

Released on November 16 2022

Ulf Adåker - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Robert Nordmark - Tenor saxophone

Daniel Tilling - Piano

Filip Augustsson - Double bass

Rasmus Blixt - Drums





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Elaria Orchestra - Ikigai

Swedish big band Elaria Orchestra is now out with their first album, Ikigai! The album consists of music mostly composed and arranged by prominent composer Erika Hammarberg. The band is without doubt one of the hottest big bands in nordic jazz now and features some of the best jazz musicians in Sweden:

Erika Hammarberg - conducting, composition

Johan Christoffersson - Alto and soprano sax

Lina Lövstrand - Alto sax, flute
Magnus Dölerud - Tenor sax, clarinet

Samuel Muntlin - Tenor sax, clarinet
Emma Josefsson - Baritone sax, bass clarinet

Hans Dyvik - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Jonne Bentlöv - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Elin Andersson - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Peter Lindhamre - Trumpet and flugelhorn

Helge Sunde - Trombone

Ebba Åsman - Trombone
Ella Wennerberg - Trombone

Klas Eriksson - bass Trombone

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir - Piano

Lars Ekman - Double and electric bass

Chris Montgomery – Drums

Produced by Erika Hammarberg

Associate producers: Lina Lövstrand and Magnus Dölerud

Recording producer: Örjan Fahlström

Recorded at KMH studio, Stockholm, Sweden, November 3-4 2021

Recording engineers: Magnus Lindström Kolterud, Markus Sjöberg and Erik Metall

Editing engineers: Henrik Langemyr and Magnus Lindström Kolterud

Mixed by Pål Svenre

Mastered by Stockholm Mastering

Graphic design by Siw Lövkvist, FunktionellForm

Cover photo by Henrik Werge

Released on October 16 2022





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Marína Ósk - One Evening In July

Icelandic singer and composer Marína Ósk's second album, One Evening In July, showcases her deep love for the great American song book and the swinging jazz music of the 50's. The music is mostly composed by Marína Ósk and is all dressed in personal lyrics in both English and Icelandic, which gives the album a poetic flavor. This is a truly a great album by one of the leading artists on the nordic jazz scene. 

Recorded by Markus Sjöberg in Stockholm, October 2021

Mixed and mastered by Ívar Ragnarsson

Graphic design by Rebecca Santo

Released on August 17 2022

Marína Ósk - Vocals

Mikael Máni Ásmundsson - Guitar

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet

Johan Tengholm - Double bass





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Lina Lövstrand Stories

Lina Lövstrand's long-awaited debut album as a band leader. With the flute in the center, she put together a fantastic group with a special instrumental setting, which really brings out the character of her instrument and gives the album a unique sound. The music consists of only original tunes by Lövstrand, who also is a respected composer in big band contexts.

Recorded at Kultivator Studio November 2019 by Jonas Olofsson

Mix and master by Jonas Olofsson

Graphic design by Mariana Meraz Imagery

Photography by Elvira Glänte

Released on May 20 2022

Lina Lövstrand - Flutes

Fredrik Olsson - Guitar

Leo Lindberg - Fender rhodes and hammond B3

Lars Ekman - Electric bass

Niklas Bodin - Drums





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Klas Toresson - Fundamentals

Klas Toresson's third album under his own name, Fundamentals, is a bit of a tribute to the rootsy, blues influenced, groovy jazz of players such as Geogre Coleman, Clifford Jordan and Stanley Turrentine and contains a mix of original tunes and jazz standards. To realize that vision, Toresson gathered an absolutely perfect band, consisting of some of Sweden's greatest musicians in the tradition we're talking about. 

Recorded at Rixmixningsverket January 24-25 2022 by Linn Fijal

Mix by Mats Äleklint

Master by Classe Persson, CRP Mastering

Graphic design by Jon Edergren & Vejde Gustafsson, Spectra design

Photography by Per Kristiansen

Released on May 14 2022

Klas Toresson - Tenor saxophone

Leo Lindberg - Piano and hammond B3

Kenji Rabson - Double bass

Moussa Fadera - Drums

Erik Söderlind - Guitar





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Mainland Jazz Collective - Slobodan's Puzzle

"On this, their third full length album, Mainland Jazz Collective have found new, personal approaches to songs who are creeping towards their hundredth birthday, and have used their deep knowledge of the living tradition of jazz to craft vibrant new originals, culminating in a hard-bop-laced musical journey seen through the eyes of six of Sweden’s most exciting musical talents. ‘Slobodan’s Puzzle’ is a meeting of tradition with creative innovation, weaving the two together to make a bold, assertive statement about where Swedish jazz sits in 2022." - Pete Fraser

Recorded at Katalin, Uppsala, by Johan Tengholm

Mix by Pete Fraser, Johan Tengholm and Erik Tengholm

Master by Martin Wirén

Graphic design by Sandra Arvman

Cover photos by Truls Ingvoldstad

Released on April 21 2022

Leonard Werme - Alto saxophone

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet & flugelhorn

Hannes Junestav - Trombone

Britta Virves - Piano

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre - Drums





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Hannes Junestav Quartet & Håkan Broström - Reassembled

Swedish trombone player Hannes Junestav releases his debut album featuring his quartet along with Swedish legendary saxophone player Håkan Broström! The album consists of music composed and arranged by Junestav over the last couple of years, with a special, very exciting, twist. Junestav has developed an original harmonic system, which is exqusitely arranged into the songs. This approach to the music definitely reminds of the way John Coltrane played jazz and popular songs with his quartet in the beginning of the 60's. Håkan Broström is one of the most distinguished musicians in Sweden in Afro-American music and the result of the meeting between Broström, the quartet and the music is truly a masterpiece - Reassembled!

Recorded in Kingside studio by Otto Wellton, June 2021

Mix and master by Mats Äleklint

Photo and grphic design by Johan Tengholm, Hannes Junestav and Elvira Glänte

Released on April 1 2022

Hannes Junestav - Trombone

Håkan Broström - Saxophones

Britta Virves - Piano

Uno Dvärby - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums





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Johan Tengholm - Migration

Migration is TengTones' founder Johan Tengholm's debute album and was released on November 25. The music consists of only original compositions by Johan. As the album titel and beautiful cover art suggests, Johan's special interest in birds has been a source of inspiration for the music, where some of the tunes are protraits of different experiences of bird watching.

Recorded at Kultivator Studio by Jonas Olofsson

Mixed by Jonas Olofsson

Mastered by Mats Äleklint

Graphic design by Johan Tengholm

Released on November 25 2021

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Sebastian Mattebo - Saxophones

Hannes Junestav - Trombone

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir - Piano

Fredrik Rundqvist - Drums




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Erik Tengholm Quintet - Stories From the Club

Erik Tengholm released his debut album, Stories From the Club, on November 18! The album features Erik Tengholm Quintet, one of the hottest jazz quintets you will find in Sweden, and consists of five original compositions by Erik and three of his favorite tunes by other composers. Erik says about the album:

"One of the best feelings is exactly in the moment when you enter a jazzclub. It is such a special vibe in there and you feel the warmth, excitement and some butterflies in your stomach because you know that you’re in for something special. I think this record has some of that vibe to it. The songs are played only from lead sheets, no arrangements, and with plenty of space for the musicians to direct the music. Everything is recorded in the same room with no headphones and basically nothing is added or edited after, which gives the session this raw, liveish character. Imagine stepping into the club, relishing the music and talking to the people. I hope you’ll enjoy it, Stories From the Club!"

Recorded in Högdalen by Johan Tengholm

Mixed by Göran Stegborn

Mastered by Mats Äleklint

Graphic design by Sandra Arvman

Released on November 18 2021

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet & flugelhorn

Johan Christoffersson - Saxophones

Mattias Lindberg - Piano

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums




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Jonny Ek Trio - Live at the Valley

We are very proud to present the debut album of piano player Jonny Ek and his trio - Live at the Valley! With a tasteful cultivation of the jazz idiom, inspired by e.g. Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell, and a heartful originality in the expression, Jonny's playing forms a unique voice among the top Swedish jazz pianists. He is exquisitely backed up by drummer Jonas Bäckman and bass player Tomas Sjödell - two outstanding musicians who are often heard together with the most prominent jazz artists of the scene. The album was released on October 15.

Recorded at Högdalen by Johan Tengholm

Mixed by Markus Sjöberg

Mastered by Martin Wirén

Graphic design by Calle Hemström

Released on October 15 2021

Jonny Ek - Piano

Tomas Sjödell - Double bass

Jonas Bäckman - Drums





CD: SEK 150 + SEK 29 shipping

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Mimmi and the Original Blue - "excuse me, but this is my place!"

This is the debute album from this super popular swing dance band. On this album, you'll find a variety of moods and styles, all of a similar nature to the music of the small jazz- blues- and swing bands of the late 1930's and the early 1940's. The idea of the album is to capture the voicing of the past and to pay tribute to the great musicians and composers who were pioneers in this field of art, but also to offer something new and unique. The album includes 16 tunes - some classics, some rare ones and some original music and lyrics by the members of the band.

Recorded at Chicago, Stockholm, spring 2021 by Sakarias Larsson

Mix, master and graphics by Sakarias Larsson

Produced by Sakarias Larsson

Released on September 18 2021

Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv - Vocals

Erik Tengholm - Trumpet

Björn Bäckström, Tenor sax and clarinet

Jonny Ek - Piano

Johan Tengholm - Double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre - Drums



CD: 150 SEK + 29 SEK shipping

Digital download: 69 SEK