Tengholm Ullberg Big Band

This band was formed at the Royal College of Music and thus consists of the youngest generation of top jazz musicians in Sweden. The leaders, Erik and trombone player and arranger Lars Ullberg put the band together as an examination project. After a couple of more praised concerts outside of the conservatory, there was no doubt that the band had to make an album record out of the music. TUBB went into the studio in November 2020 and the result can be heard on the new album, Blue And Green With a Touch of Brown, which was released on January 25, 2023.

Sebastian Mattebo, Leonard Werme, Björn Bäckström, Samuel Muntlin, Emma Josefsson - reeds

Isac Åberg, Max Stark, Linnea Jonsson, Emma Granstam, Erik Tengholm - trumpets

Lars Ullberg, Agnes Darelid, Hannes Junestav, Simon Skogh - trombones

Mattias Olofsson, guitar

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums

Lovisa Jennervall, vocals




Mimmi and the Original Blue

Swing band based in Stockholm, fronted by singer and super star swing dancer Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv. The band has a unique touch with the classic swing music of the 30's and early 40's, playing both standard tunes from the era and original music written in the same style. Debute album with the band, excuse me, but this is my place!, was released on September 18, 2021.

Mimmi Gunnarsson Bringlöv, vocals

Erik Tengholm, trumpet

Björn Bäckström, saxophone/clarinet

Jonny Ek, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums




Jonny Ek

Jonny Ek is a piano player from the Norrköping area, today based in Stockholm. Through meticulous studies of legendary piano players like Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Barry Harris, then adding his own personal touch and soul, Jonny developed a his very own unique way of playing jazz piano. This can be heard on his debute album Live at the Valley, which was released in 2021. The album features Jonny Ek Trio, with Tomas Sjödell on double bass and Jonas Bäckman on drums, one of the most popular bass/drum duos in Stockholm. The trio released a second album in 2023 together with guitar star Erik Söderlind, Erik Söderlind Meets Jonny Ek.






Johan Tengholm

Besides being one of the TengTones founders, Johan is without doubt one of the most interesting musicians on the Swedish jazz scene right now. Already at the age of 22, in 2020, he graduated from the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm and is now a rising star among the many great bass players in Sweden, playing with plenty of the top bands and musicians. His debut album, Migration, was released in 2021, consisting of only original compositions. Pre-listen below.










Erik Tengholm

TengTones other founder, Erik Tengholm, has been one of the most active jazz trumpet players in Sweden over the last five years. He plays with many of the hottest bands and is also a band leader or front figure in some of them, not only as a trumpet player, but also as composer and arranger. Erik has a wide estethic palette, playing all sorts of jazz music, all the way from early New Orleans music, to the modern sounds of today. Erik was recently awarded the Ola Carlsson Scholarship with the motivation: "Erik is a stunningly musical and skillful jazz trumpet player, who with exquisite feeling moves freely between different styles of jazz". Erik's debut album, Stories From the Club, was released on November 18, featuring the amazing Erik Tengholm Quintet (pre-listen below). More about Erik on his website eriktengholm.com.





Hannes Junestav

Hannes Junestav is one of the hottest young trombone players in Sweden right now. He can be heard in many of the greatest bands on the scene, such as Stockholm Jazz Orchestra and Ekdahl Bagge Big Band. Junestav's unique musical style can be recognized by a deep harmonic knowledge combined with excellent intstrumental tecnique and "infallible timing", to borrow the words of Uppsala Concert House Society. In April 2022 he released his debut album "Reassembled", together with his Quartet and Swedish legendary saxophone player Håkan Broström, with whom Junestav has been collaborating with for a while. The album is getting great reviews and can be found in our catalog.

"Here's the old composition, but the quartet treats the songs as if they were new and gives them lively expressions. [...] Hannes Junestav Quartet is a fresh aquaintance on the jazz scene and the debut album is very promising."





Mainland Jazz Collective

Mainland Jazz Collective is an award winning and hard swining jazz sextet with the roots in Uppsala. The band took form when the members still went to high school and since then, MJC has toured all over Sweden and was also invited to play at the Jazz in July Festival on Crete 2019, where they played a praised concert. MJC har released three albums, Crimson Red (2017), The Messenger (2019) and Slobodan's Puzzle (2022). All albums represent what makes the band famous - thoroughly written arrangements by the band members, equilibristic solos and a swinging, tight groove.


Leonard Werme, alto saxophone

Erik Tengholm, trumpet & flugelhorn

Hannes Junestav, trombone

Britta Virves, piano

Johan Tengholm, double bass

Oscar Johansson Werre, drums

Klas Toresson

Klas Toresson has been one of the most prominent swing tenor players in Sweden for the last 20 years. He can be recognized by his warm tenor sound and strong melodic sence, which makes his saxophone playing hit straight into the listeners heart. Toresson has toured all over Sweden and internationally with all of the greatest musicians on the Swedish jazz scene. In May 2022, Toresson released his third album under his own name, Fundamentals, featuring a new outstanding jazz quintet. Read more about the album in the catalog.

Lina Lövstrand

Lina Lövstrand is undoubtedly one of the best reed players in Scandinavia. She is one of very few who masters the the jazz flute at the very highest level, which is proved on her first album, Lina Lövstrand Stories. Before the release of her first album under her own name, she has been working for over 20 years as a freelance musician, being one of the most sought after reed players in different theatres, big bands and touring shows all over Sweden. Lövstrand is also a respected composer, e.g. she is one of the main composers and arrangers in the great Elaria Orchestra.

Marína Ósk

Marína Ósk is a vocalist and composer from Iceland, but over the years she has been based in several different places around the globe. Today she is one of the leading artists on the Icelandic jazz scene. Her music has a strong poetic touch, filled with inspiration from the jazz tradition, blues and folk songs. Her second album, One Evening In July was released in August 2022 and consists of music by Marína, some jazz classics and Icelandic songs.

Elaria Orchestra

Elaria Orchestra was founded in 2018 by Erika Hammarberg and Lina Lövstrand and today, the band is one of the hottest big bands in Sweden. Erika Hammarberg is the main composer and arranger of the band but they have also had collaboration with Norwegian artists Hildegunn Øiseth (trumpet) and Helge Sunde (trombone and composition). The band''s first album, Ikigai, was released in October 2022.

Erika Hammarberg - conducting, composition

Johan Christoffersson - alto and soprano saxLina Lövstrand - alto sax, flute
Magnus Dölerud - tenor sax, clarinet

Samuel Muntlin - tenor sax, clarinet
Emma Josefsson - baritone sax, bass clarinet

Hans Dyvik - trumpet and flugelhorn

Jonne Bentlöv - trumpet and flugelhorn

Elin Andersson - trumpet and flugelhorn

Peter Lindhamre - trumpet and flugelhorn

Helge Sunde - trombone

Ebba Åsman - trombone
Ella Wennerberg - trombone

Klas Eriksson - bass trombone

Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir - piano

Lars Ekman - double and electric bass

Chris Montgomery – drums





Ulf Adåker

Ulf Adåker har genom sin långa karriär utmärkt sig som en av de största profilerna inom svensk jazz, både som trumpetare och kompositör. På meritlistan finns bland annat att han är en originalmedlem och medgrundare av det legendariska fusionbandet EGBA samt att han komponerat flertalet verk för Radiojazzgruppen och andra välrenomerade orkestrar. Kreativiteten tar dock inte slut och Adåker fortsätter att producera ny spännande musik, senast nu med sin kvintett släppte han i november 2022 Le Jazz Cool, en dubbel-CD med jazzmusik rotad i 50-talet, framförd av en grupp musiker i absolut toppklass.





Bengt Stark

Bengt Stark has been one of the most busy drummers in Sweden over the last 40 years. He has been working with plenty of artists in Sweden and internationally, such as Rolf Ericson, Alice Babs, Monica Zetterlund, Bob Brookmeyer, Thad Jones, Clark Terry, Kenny Wheeler, Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman. Stark works in big bands as well as smaller constellations. He is also since 1990 teaching at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm in jazz drums and rhythmic training. There´s no doubt about that he is one of the greatest drummers on the Swedish jazz scene throughout the history of this music.





Jon Henriksson

Jon Henriksson is despite his young age one of the most active bass players on the Scandinavian jazz scene. He plays and tours regularly with bands like Håkan Broström Quartet, Britta Virves Trio, Rasmus Sørensen Trio, Aloft Quartet and Stockholm Hot Seven, and now he also has his own band: Jon Henriksson Sextet. His powerful playing style is recognized by his rich bass sound, crystal clear tone and attack and energetic approach to the music. In 2022, Henriksson was awarded the Jazz Club Fasching Society Scholarship with the motivation: "Double bass playser Jon Henriksson is already at a young age an experienced, mature musician with a personal musical language and has one foot in the tradition and the other in the modern jazz. His rythmic, creative comp and solo playing is combined with an upcoming career as a composer and band leader. He is a future voice on the double bass".

Klas Lindquist Nonet

Klas Lindquist is one of Scandinavia's most sought after reed players and composers. He plays alto sax and clarinet with a wide variety of bands all over the world in different styles of jazz, and composes and arranges music for many different bands. His own nine piece orchestra, Klas Lindquist Nonet, consists of some of Sweden's finest playser ,and has released three albums: Lift Off (2008), You Need It (2010) and Alternative Source of Energy (2023). Have a listen and enjoy the music of this masterful composer!

Klas Lindquist - alto saxophone, clarinet

Robert Nordmark - tenor saxophone, clarinet

Fredrik Lindborg - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Karl Olandersson - trumpet, flugelhorn

Nils Janson - trumpet, flugelhorn

Hampus Adami - trombone

Filip Ekestubbe - piano

Jon Henriksson - double bass

Daniel Fredriksson - drums

Stockholm Hot Seven

Stockholm Hot Seven was founded in 2019 by guitar player Pål Nyberg, and starded as a band playing regularly at all of Stockholm's main jazz scenes. Over the years, the band gained national and international status and has now toured in Scandinavia and Europe, playing for both dancing and just listening audiences. Originally, Stockholm Hot Seven played music wirtten by almost exclusively Duke Ellington, which is the main inspiration of the band, but over time, the band has built a repertoire of its own, consisting of arrangements and original tunes by the band members. Some of it can be heard on the album Yeet's Blues, released in 2023.

Axel Mårdsjö - alto and baritone saxophone

Linus Lindblom - tenor saxophone, clarinet

Erik Tengholm - trumpet, cornet

Hampus Adami - trombone

Pål Nyberg - guitar

Jon Henriksson - double bass

Jonas Bäckman - drums

Emma Josefsson

Emma Josefsson is a reed player of the younger generation on the Swedish jazz scene but is already well established and experienced as she has toured with many of the top bands in the country. She has mastered the baritone saxophone and bass clarinet like few players have and is often employed on the baritone position in big bands. However, she is also a great tenor player and composer, which can be heard on her debut album De Va De ("That was that" in Swedish).